5 Reasons to Go with Instant Tea Premix

Instant Tea Premix

Instant tea was invented in the year 1885 in the United States. Instant tea is produced when a ready mixture of spices, tea extract, evaporated milk, and sugar gets diluted with hot water. The only thing to remember while using it is to store it in an airtight container.

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Why Instant Tea Premix?

Instant tea premix manufacturers (India) mention the following benefits of having Instant tea premix:

1.     Weight Management

The ingredients in instant tea premix improve metabolism in our body. It burns unnecessary fat and increases energy. Therefore, it works as a medicine for people who are very conscious about their figure. It will never allow your body to gain unnecessary weight.

2.     Protects Liver Damage

There are various enzymes in our body and the growth of which damages the liver. But here, Girnar Instant Tea Premix With Masala can reduce the support of such enzymes. Regular intake of instant tea premix helps us to take good care of our liver.

3.     Restricts Cell Damage

The free radicals in our body cause harmful effects on the cells and generate chronic diseases. Here, instant tea premix by granules n beans is rich in antioxidants. It restricts the growth of free radicals in our bodies. You should drink instant tea daily to keep yourself protected from cell damage and chronic diseases.

4.     Oral Care

Streptococcus Mutans is a bacteria that grows into our mouth and causes plaque formation. But, instant tea premix contains catechins that fight against this bacteria. It also prevents the growth of cavities. You can take overall care of your tooth from decaying by regular consumption of instant tea. Thus, there will be no chances of bad breath and infection in your mouth anymore.

5.     Reduces Heart Diseases

Instant tea premix plays a vital role in reducing the level of bad cholesterol. Thus you can get rid of and prevent yourself from heart diseases like heart stroke, etc.

Additional reasons to buy Instant Tea Premixes rather than Ordinary Tea:

  • It takes less time to get ready.
  • Small packets take very little space, easy to travel with.
  • Available in different tastes.
  • No residue remains to throw away.
  • Cost consuming.

Instant tea is the right choice as an alternative to ordinary tea because of the benefits we have mentioned above. If you are looking for premium quality instant tea, you have no better choice than granules n beans to buy it online.


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