Buy Green Tea of Good Quality

Buy Green Tea of Good Quality

Green tea contains an ample quantity of polyphenols. These polyphenols offer several health benefits like inflammation reduction and fight against cancerous diseases.

If you want to restrict cell damage, catechin epigallocatechin-3 gallate in green tea is ideal for you. This catechin is a natural antioxidant that provides several other health benefits. Therefore, Granules n Beans is the best place from where you can buy online green tea of good quality.

How to Buy Online Green Tea?
If you do not choose a green tea of good quality, you can hardly get its claimed benefits. To get the best, follow these five pieces of advice to enjoy green tea and its health benefits:

  1. Sustainability of Green Color
    Black tea undergoes oxidation, but this does not happen with green tea. For this reason, the green leaves turn brown. The tea manufacturers intentionally do not allow the green tea leaves to undergo this step. As a result, chlorophyll is not extracted from the green tea leaves. They remain intact with several natural oxidants.
  2. How to Figure Out?
    Notice brewed tea leaves carefully in a cup of tea. Slowly it will return to its olive green color. It is a sign of good quality green tea. But if you notice that – some tea leaves turn black and some brown, it represents cheap quality green tea leaves.
  3. Try to Avoid Green Tea Bags
    Yes, these tea bags are cheap and more cups of tea can be produced. While manufacturing loose tea leaves, fannings in the tea bags reject the dust of tea leaves. The manufacturing process does not allow the essential oils to remain intact with green tea bags. Filter papers used in tea bags can be threatening to your health.
  4. Originality of Green Tea
    It is crucial to buy green tea from original green tea producers.
    Many brands sell cheap quality green tea leaves to profit more. However, those are of no use regarding health benefits. But thanks to online selling portals, green tea products directly sell organic green tea leaves filled with several health benefits.
  5. Always Buy Whole Leaf Green Tea
    Do not go for green tea leaves available in teabags. They don’t taste well and provide health benefits. Better to search for whole leaf green tea or loose leaf. They taste refreshing, tasty, and filled with essential oils. You will get to enjoy several health benefits as well with whole leaf green tea.
  6. Fresh Green Tea Leaves
    Always check the package and buy those on which the retailers have written the retail date. Avoid the packets with dates of plucking of green tea leaves. You can enjoy its full benefits if consumed within 12 months from the processing date.
    If you eat or drink well, you will remain healthy ever after. Granules n Beans is one online store to avail you of fresh and healthy green tea of premium quality with maximum benefits.

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