Instant Tea Premix with Masala

Girnar Instant Tea Premix with Masala

Living in an era of competition, nobody has the time to go shopping for each and every ingredient to cook a particular dish.

Most of us are in need of ready-made items that are easy and quick to use. The same applying to tea as well. Tea is an essential beverage in India. After a stressful day, a cup of the instant tea premix is enough to give you that boost within just a few seconds. And what’s better is the magical taste of masala in the premix to refresh your senses.

Why Instant Masala Tea Premix?

Here are 5 main reasons to switch to Instant Masala Tea Premix:

  1. It Values Time

The main advantage of the instant premix over the ordinary one is its quick preparation. For any other tea you have to at least spend 10 minutes in its preparation. And with the instant tea masala premix, it won’t take your more than a minute to get that perfect cup of masala chai.

  1. Easy to Prepare

The preparation of this Instant Masala Tea is so easy that even a child can make it without any help. All you need to do is mix the contents of the sachet with a cup of hot water and you are all set to enjoy its taste and the health benefits that come along with it.

  1. Anywhere, Anytime! With Quality Assurance

With instant tea premix, all you need to carry is the instant premix be it for leisure or for work. A mug, hot water, and Masala Chai Instant Tea Premix are all you need. It is also made and packaged with complete care and hygiene because we believe in quality over anything else.

  1. Make it strong or Keep it Lite

The flavour of the tea can be adjusted according to your taste by adding more tea powder if you like your tea strong or keeping it lite by not adding the whole instant tea premix. The Girnar Instant Masala Tea Premix is for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Health Benefits

There are several health benefits that come with instant masala tea premix. Have a cup before your workout and see better results.  It is rich in antioxidants and has lesser calories than regular tea taking away the worry of gaining those extra calories. The caffeine gives you an instant energy boost. Its regular consumption prevents heart diseases. And it can also be consumed by diabetic patients.

Instant Tea Premix with Masala is available online on the website of Granules and Beans to give an energetic start to your day!

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