What Tea should I choose to be healthy: Green or Black?

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Every living being on this planet deserves good food and shelter; and hence, all of us strive to be the best when we choose our diet.  With so many years, we have evolved ourselves in terms of our food habits. Previously, we were having food in its raw form, then we started cooking it; and eventually, we are returning to our ancient period. So our body is pretty adapted to multiple alterations. In today’s era, we are going closer to nature through the products that we are choosing for our nutritional supports. Like instead of usual tea, we are more inclined to Platter Vegan Tea Premix, etc.

Accordingly, this write up will help our readers to understand the basic difference between green and black tea; and what are their nutritional benefits, so that next time when you Buy Green Tea Online in India, you will choose wisely.

What is the difference between Green and Black Tea

It should interestingly be noted that although both green and black tea are different in their color and nutritional value; they are eventually being produced from the same parent plant. Yet the only difference between the two is the production process. Check out further to understand more in detail.

Green Tea
Today, people are more attracted towards green tea due to the higher catechin levels. Catechins are basic antioxidants required by many of our vital organs, including the heart, brain, etc. Various statistical analysis have proven that people prefer to drink green tea more often in the afternoon after heavy lunch than in the morning and/or evening. Studies have also supported the fact that tea helps to eliminate all sorts of gastric issues and helps eliminates toxic waste from the body in a much better way. Most of the forms of green tea are a blend of cardamom, ginger, honey, tulsi that are predominantly used for their nutritional values, anti-bacterial properties.
Black Tea
Contrary to green tea that is most commonly prepared in the northern part of India; black tea is a product of eastern India and has to go through the process of fermentation before consumption. Due to its extensive fermentation process, the EGCG content is diminished; leading to lesser antioxidants. Black tea is responsible mainly for hydration and strengthening the immune system. Researchers have further confirmed that this form of tea promotes oxygenated blood supply; making it ideal to add to your morning rituals. It has also been suggested that since the black form of the tea is more acidic due to the higher fermentation process; it should always be combined with lemon to contradict acidity.

Due to its higher caffeine content, it promotes higher blood flow towards the brain; keeping you all day active and alert. Finally, both green, as well as black tea, have nutritional benefits; choosing the right one depends upon your health needs. For instance, for a person who wants to have great metabolism; then Green Tea is a better option. On the other hand, if you wish to be active all day long, then black tea is a good choice.

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