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All You Need to Know About Flavored Instant Tea Premix

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Tea, or rather say eye-opener in the morning for most people has varied flavors now. One of the most popular is flavored instant tea premix. One reason for its demand is it doesn’t take much time in making. And the refreshing flavors are now a plus.

What is Flavoured Instant Tea Premix?

It is basically a readymade tea powder in which you just need to add hot water – your instant tea is all ready to enjoy. It originated when evaporated milk, sugar, and concentrated tea extract were pasted together and just hot water was added to the paste. This premix has then obtained the patent. That is how instant tea premix came into existence.

Today, almost everyone has moved towards instant tea premix due to its several benefits over the simple tea powder.

Flavors of Instant Tea Premix

As we all know, instant tea premix is ideal for emergency cases. Because the preparation of tea with instant tea premixes requires only a few seconds, but what makes it more interesting is – customers can enjoy instant tea premix with several tasty flavors.

The flavors that people like the most are cardamom tea, fruit juice tea, lemon tea, marinated tea, etc.

If you are tired after a long hour of hectic work, try lemon-flavored instant tea premix. Then just give a few seconds, and you will feel active again. A cup of lemon instant tea is ideal for instant refreshment. We often feel a heavy headache – this lemon instant tea can be your helping hand at that time.

When to Drink Instant Tea Premix?

You have one option to serve drinks prepared with instant tea premixes with the food. Why only guests? You can even have it yourself and enjoy it. But make sure not to prepare a wrong combination of food and instant tea premixes. For instance, avoid serving sliced fruits with a cup of cardamom instant tea.

You must also serve instant tea keeping in mind the weather condition.
In summer, a cup of ice instant tea can impress your guest or refresh your body.
In winter, quickly prepare a cup of hot tea with instant tea premix and enjoy it with your loved ones. Milk is optional in such cases.

Best Way to Store Flavoured Instant Tea Premix

Instant tea premixes are available in packages, cans, and jars. Once you have opened the seal, you have to store it in an airtight bottle. Airtight bottles must be either of plastic or glass. Ensure that you do not allow the tea premix to come in contact with air. Otherwise, it will develop lumps. Try to place instant tea premix bottles in a dry, cool and dark place.

Today, we all are engaged in our day-to-day activities. We need refreshing drinks in the morning and evening as well.
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