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Instant Masala Tea

Instant Masala Tea Premix

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Masala tea is a blend of tea, whole spices and ginger. Along with the monsoon and winter season, we Indians crave a good cup of masala chai and pakoras and have been its fans since it originated in south Asia because of its taste and aroma.

Our day begins with a cup of tea. For some people, it even goes to a point that they cannot do without it. The Instant Masala Tea Premix is easy to make and does not take more than one minute to prepare it. It relieves headaches, reduces tiredness, relaxes your senses and also has health benefits.

Here’s why you should buy online Masala Tea!

7 Benefits of Masala Tea

Tea is an all season’s beverage! When it comes to its well-being, masala tea is full of nutrients and health benefits. It reduces anxiety and refreshes your mind.

Improves Immunity: Masala tea contains cinnamon and clove that are beneficial for your immune system.
Good for Blood Pressure and Heart Disease: It is good for the heart and lowers blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
Hair, muscles, and Skin Care: It is also good for the hair, nails, and muscles helping it to grow and strengthen over time. The nutrients present in the masala tea gives you healthy and glowing skin.
Prevents Cancer: Presence of ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom reduces the chances of cancer.
Anti-inflammatory: Ingredients like clove in masala chai can relieve one from pain and also has anti-inflammatory properties.
Nausea: Pregnant women often feel nauseous. Masala chai helps with nausea bringing over a calm and soothing feeling.
Refreshment: It is the perfect companion to relieve you from a stressful day of work giving you that instant energy boost.
Masala chai has always been an escape from stress for most Indians.

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