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Instant Masala Tea

Instant tea – a new found love for chai lovers

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Name a better feeling than sipping a cup of Chai in your balcony after a long, tiring day, could you? Tea has been a part and parcel of everyone’s life in India. Chai is not just a brew of tea powder, cardamom or ginger, Chai is an emotion that lives within us all!

Especially when it rains, chai is a lifesaver! Be it outside colleges, offices or even at home, relishing a cup of tea never goes out of style. All thanks to its rejuvenating effects, love for tea has been evergreen since ages.

However, in a generation where there’s a race against time, not everyone’s blessed enough to savour a cup of tea according to their convenience. At such times, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a way to enjoy your tea in an instant?

Well, we’ve got a tea-rrific idea for you! Instant tea premix is the key to life up your spirits at any time of the day.


Around 80% people in India kick-start their day with a cup of tea. India, a land of diverse cultures is also renowned for its diversity in brewing different types of teas ranging from milk tea, black tea green tea, elaichi tea and many more.

However, a significant increase in hustle-work culture led to people skipping their well-deserved ‘Chai Time’. Brewing a tea takes quite a handful of time, which creates it inconveniency for people to make tea according to their will. Quite a bummer, isn’t it?

However, ever since the inception of instant tea premixes, it has been easier for people to relish a cup of tea according to their choice of time. Instant tea premix is a three-step solution to all your problems. All we have to do is get some hot water, pour the premix in it, and delight into the aroma of an exquisite blend of your favourite tea. It not only helps you save a huge chunk of time, but it’s easy to make approach enabled it to rise in popularity tremendously. Especially Masala Chai premixes and Cardamom instant tea premixes are prominently famous.

Instant tea premixes come in a wide range of flavours as well. You can buy instant tea online by selecting your favourite flavour to cherish upon. Even if you are a hard-core gym-a-holic who cuts in sugar or a connoisseur of gharwaali adrak ki chai, instant tea indeed lead you to the stairway to nirvana.


Having a warm cup of tea does play an essential role in relieving a person off their stress and worries. We, at Granules n Beans ensure that your emotions for tea are well preserved and taken care of.

There is a common notion which states that instant tea premixes are not as tasteful as a homemade brewed tea. However, Granules n Beans’ forte revolves around making instant tea premixes as delightful as homemade tea. Our expertise in striking a balance between curating a variety of instant tea premixes and maintaining a fresh, homemade taste makes us second to none. A few of many products that you can buy online includes:

Masala Instant Tea Premix
Cardamom Instant Tea Premix
Ginger Instant Tea Premix
Lemongrass Instant Tea Premix
Kashmiri Kahwa Instant Tea Premix
Turmeric Latte Instant Tea Premix
Saffron cardamom Instant Tea Premix
Assorted Chai Instant Tea Premix

With a wide array of exquisite flavors that fits every mood and lifestyle you live in, Granules n Beans is your go-to place to suffice your cravings for tea. Order our premium quality premixes from Granules n Beans and kick-start your day with a bang!

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